Reach Real People At is written and edited by me, Nancy Ulrich, a real person who cannot stand phone tree directories or convoluted organization charts. I'm the chief oven minder, clay poker, pasta machine cranker and videographer but not the business manager or tax preparer. Those last two thankless jobs are very ably taken care of by my husband, Bob. He's got the MBA and can actually make sense of tax forms. God bless him!

If You Send A Real Message, You'll Get a Real Answer

The upshot of all this is that if you care enough to send me a personal message you WILL get a personal reply from me. And I always endeavor to respond to messages within 24 hours, even if its a notice that I'm currently sick in bed from inhaling too much glitter. It's more likely that I'm hiding under the bed playing hooky with the cat and reading the latest polymer clay magazine. Or I'm at the San Diego Safari Park or Zoo recharging my creative batteries by visiting some of this planet's more amazing inhabitants. 

With One Exception...

However, if you're an annoying SEO marketing troll who's going to sell me the latest miracle cure for my abysmal Google page rank. Your messages will be ignored.

If you still want to reach out and say HI you have several alternatives:

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