Better Than Polymer Clay Classes - Master New Techniques, Sculpture Skills and Jewelry Making In Only an Hour!

Polymer clay classes reimagined!

Do polymer clay classes leave you confused? Does it take forever to learn that new technique? Can't sculpt? Is your color sense lame? Wouldn't you like to have everything you create look like you've been doing it for decades instead of minutes?

Polymer Clay Classes Are Passé — You Need Direct Brain to Muscle Recordings From Your Favorite Artists

But we need your help to make it happen. We're funding this amazing project on Kickfarter and we're giving away some cool stuff for the first contributors.

First $1,000,000 contributor: Choose the first artist featured in the MasterMind Modules series and be the first to try our vaporware product.

Don't have a million dollars? Well we aren't going to leave you learning the hard way.

Vote NOW for a Chance to Win the Exclusive Vapourware Edition of MasterMind Modules

Just tell us the name of the artist that you'd most like to see featured in MasterMind Modules - and you'll be entered to win a FREE copy of this fabulous faux product. So which will it be?

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Polymer Clay Classes Re-Imagined