Super Sculpey Secrets
Baking, Buying and Sculpting Tips For This Polyform Polymer Clay

Baking Directions for Super Sculpey

Time in Oven? For every 1/4 inch (6mm) thickness of uncured clay you'll need to bake 15 minutes. It is better to add successive layers rather than to cook thick ones. You'll avoid cracking. If your piece does crack you can fill them in with more material and rebake.

What temperature? 275F (130C)

Number of Colors: 1 and it's beige. 

Package Sizes: 1 pound, 8 pounds and 24 pound bulk pack.

How Expensive Is It? Usually about 60 cents an ounce in the smaller sizes. But check here for current prices.

Super Sculpey Pros and Cons - Working Tips and Hints

What's Good: This clay's a top choice for professional model makers and sculptors because it holds fine details incredibly well. Its sometimes used to create miniature set designs for movies, and product development mockups. It is very hard, but not brittle after its oven cured. That makes it work well for armatures or doll 'bones'. The semi-transparent, matte finish after baking is ideal for dolls and figures. It can be drilled, sanded or carved after baking.

Want more colors? Add them! Before baking, apply oil paint, pastel chalk mediums or mica powders. Use acrylic paints or glaze to add color and finish after curing.

To create an extremely smooth surface on your sculpt, use isopropyl alcohol. 90% solution is best, but some people feel that they have more control with the 70%. You can also use baby wipes if you need just a bit of abrasion to remove rough areas. 

Other polymer clays often used for sculpting are: Super Sculpey Firm, Premo! Sculpey, Fimo Classic, Puppen Fimo, Prosculpt, and Kato Clay. 

What's Not So Great: There's only one color, beige. And this clay is too soft for caning.

Lighter colored crescent 'moonies'  or plaquing is sometimes visible after baking. Keeping Super-Sculpey away from moisture or sweaty hands seems to help a bit.

Fixing Cracks - Thick layers of Super Sculpey will almost always crack. Try to keep the thickness of the layers under a quarter of an inch. If you do get splitting, these areas can be covered over and rebaked. Or you can fill the gap with more clay and use an embossing tool to just cure that spot.

Uncured Super Sculpey and Premo has a slight shine. Move the heat gun over the filled in area, keeping it about 2 inches from the surface. Keep the heat moving, don't stay in one spot. When the sheen disappears the clay is cured. Stop or move on to the next area.

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