How do You Subscribe to ColorMixr™?
If You Don't See Any Way to Pay

Thanks for asking!! Here's a how to subscribe to ColorMixr video that shows you how to make a payment so that you can continue to enjoy the easy way with polymer clay color after your free 30 day trial is over. You don't have give up the color wheel tool, the inspirations that you get from your photos or the thousands of Fimo and Sculpey Premo mixing recipes that are at your fingertips. 

And if you have other questions you can get them answered in the User Guide/FAQ

Purchasing a ColorMixr™ License is Easy

The video above walks you through the process step-by-step. 

It also answers questions like:

  • Why did we misspell 'licence'?
  • Why is ColorMixer not a one-time fee based app?

There is no Subscribe to ColorMixr button or menu item

ColorMixr License is expired screen

The subscription or licence renewal request is automatically triggered in ColorMixr™ when your 30 day trial period is over. 

At that time you'll see the screen that is shown to the right. It will say,

"Your license seems to be expired. Please request a new one"

Make sure that you're using the same Apple ID or Google Play password that you used when you registered. 

"You've already purchased this subscription - Tap Buy to renew or extend it"

Now right here it may LOOK like you're purchasing twice, but you're just giving permission to register with our external database. 

We do this because we want you to be able to use the same password on all your devices whether they be iOS or Android.

You may be sent through a couple of iterations, especially if your connection to the internet is weak and data needs to be re-verified.

If your internet connection is dropped, don't panic. Just start ColorMixr again when you get to a strong connection and it will pick up at the last point that data was being passed properly. Just trust the process.


We —me (Nancy), my husband Bob and my programmer Alexey Kornilov (who is very easy to work with, consider hiring him for your project!) appreciate your support. You're building good clay kharma by supporting ColorMixr's software maintenance and the development of new features for the entire claying community. Thank you for checking out how to subscribe to ColorMixr™.

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Subscribing to ColorMixr™